MV Katingan Express 636 499 1994 1531E 26/02/15 02/03/15
MV Kariangau Express 451 103 1995 1561E 05/03/15 10/03/15
MV Kelanis Express 1591 522 2005 1549E 12/03/15 17/03/15
MV Katingan Express 636 499 1994 1532W 04/03/15 09/03/15
MV Kariangau Express 451 103 1995 1562W 12/03/15 17/03/15
MV Kelanis Express 1591 522 2005 1550W 19/03/15 24/03/15


Join our team! We’re looking for friendly and motivated individuals to be our new

1.) Receptionist

2.) Shipping Executive (must be able to read and write in Bahasa Indonesia)

Email us for more details!


Line Fast Pte Ltd was founded in 1981 to provide specialized freight forwarding services to the Indonesian Oil and Gas industry, a service we continue today to a number of major international and local companies in the sector. With our city and port-side warehousing facilities in Singapore and Balikpapan, Line Fast offers temporary and long term storage, consolidation and repacking for sea and air freighting. Together with our network of transportation, stevedoring, customs and cargo handling offices and affiliates in Singapore and Indonesia, we offer our customers a full, seamless and reliable range of transshipment and re-exporting services.

In order to provide a more reliable schedule to our customers, Line Fast began in 1987 to operate and manage ships and also offer husbandry services to regional cargo freighters that call the port of Singapore. Vessels under our management have called ports in Calcutta (India), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Shanghai (China), Vladivostok (Russia) Pusan and Incheon (South Korea).

In more than 2 decade of shipping, Line Fast has operated across a diverse range of ports. From main and secondary coastal ports like Songkhla (Thailand) and San Fernando (Philippines), to private ports like Mangkajang and Kuala Tanjung (Indonesia) our vessels have served the needs of our customers wherever required. Our office and crew are experienced in handling irregular assignments like project cargo transfer at sea or ship delivery services from coastal ports in Japan.

Line Fast operates weekly liner services between Singapore and Balikpapan, the main port on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan, where a huge oil and gas, coal and forestry industry thrives. Together with five scheduled flights every week from Singapore, connection to Balikpapan is extremely efficient. Even so, contractors and rig owners will often call on our Door-to-Door services which ensures the fastest delivery from almost anywhere in the world to any location in Indonesia. Where time is critical, our familarity with customs clearance, documentation formality and local transportation is the lynch-pin of our Door-to-Door service, enabling our customers to deploy their equipment as and when and where needed.

Today, our founders Mr. Ong Choo Soon and Mrs. Ong Po Lie continue to be actively involved in the activities of the company, assisted by a team of long-serving professionals who have wide expertise in the shipping, transportation and off-shore industry. We also owe great thanks to our pioneer business director, the late Mr. Suryadi Abidin Ong, who helped us establish a strong presence in Balikpapan.

Mr. Ong Choo Soon & Mdm. Lim Po Lie (Mrs. Ong Po Lie)